Want to Send Frozen Food? You Must Use the Blue Coin T Sensor!

Do you have a fleet that is used to deliver products in the form of frozen food or ice cream? Both of these products certainly need to be stored in cold temperatures so that their quality is maintained. But what will happen if during distribution, the temperature in the chiller is not monitored and can reduce the quality of the product sent?

You don’t have to worry about that if you use EasyGo GPS service! We provide Transportation Management System (TMS) services that use bluetooth technology through a sensor called Blue Coin T. This sensor has a function to monitor your distribution process until you reach your destination safely in real time through several features such as:

  1. Temperature Dashboard
    Through this feature, you can monitor the temperature in the chiller or freezer in real time. If the temperature exceeds the upper or lower limit, then you will get a notification via the Telegram application. This notification will also be equipped with the location of the fleet, DO number, DO status, and GPS time. Very complete, right?
  2. Door Sensor
    You can find out when and where the chiller or freezer door is opened. Just like the temperature dashboard, this information will be conveyed through the Telegram application or user email in real time.

You also don’t need to worry about the application of the Blue Coin T sensor because it can be done without installation, you know! EasyGo GPS will make the whole process easy.


Geofence: Featured Features to Monitor Distribution Process

For those of you who are engaged in the delivery of goods within the city or between cities, there must be lots of destinations for sending your goods, right? In order to be able to monitor your fleet’s journey on time to its destination, you can try using one of the features of EasyGo GPS’s Transportation Management System (TMS) called Geofence, you know!

This Geofence feature allows you to see the performance of the fleet while doing the distribution process. Through this feature, you can also monitor the departure and arrival hours of the fleet at each geofence, as well as find out whether there are fleets that are late or not when they arrive at the geofence. As for what is meant by a geofence itself is an area boundary that has been virtually defined. This limit can be made “unlimited” according to your needs. The goal is to provide certain location limits so that it can make it easier to monitor the fleet that you manage. So your product delivery can be done safely and definitely on time!

Now, for only Rp. 5,000,-/day, you can already enjoy this feature and make the distribution process of your goods more effective, you know!


Increase Public Transportation Security with EasyGo GPS

Since 2019, the Director General of Land Transportation has required every public motorized vehicle to use an electronic movement monitoring device aka GPS. This regulation aims to improve the security of public transportation by tracking the vehicle’s position at all times to prevent route deviations or other unwanted things. So, let’s increase the security of your public transportation fleet with EasyGo GPS!

With EasyGo GPS, you not only get accurate electronic vehicle tracking at all times, but also many features to find out various other important information. Through the Fatigue Safety Report feature, you can monitor the safety of the fleet that is being used. Because this feature allows you to find out if the driver has driven more than the specified time limit, so it can prevent accidents due to driver fatigue. This of course can guarantee the safety and security of your fleet, right?

EasyGo GPS also has one important advantage, namely being able to fully customize reports. This feature has been integrated into multi-platforms such as: Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Environment, Biofarma, Unilever, DHL, and many others!

To try GPS technology directly from EasyGo, let’s register for the free trial given to EasyGo friends!


Stop Wasting Time While Distributing Goods with EasyGo GPS!

Effective use of time is very important in the process of distributing goods. After all, the time you spend during the process is a valuable investment for your business, right? Then, what if there is a lot of time wasted in the process of distributing goods in your business because, for example, the loading and unloading process is slow? There is EasyGo GPS ready to be a solution for you!

EasyGo GPS is a powerful GPS technology that can not only track the position of your vehicle, but also track how much time is spent on each stage of the delivery process. This GPS has an integrated information system technology called Transportation Management System (TMS). Well, in TMS there is a feature called the Delivery Order System that can tell you if the fleet is loading or unloading beyond a predetermined time limit (overtime loading and unloading). This notification can be sent directly via alert by Telegram and Notification in the TMS EasyGo Gps application, making it easier for the Dispatcher Team to monitor the fleet that is carrying or loading.

With this technology, you can monitor the time spent at each stage in the goods distribution process very easily. This information is certainly very useful for analyzing the performance of your fleet and continuing to improve it in the future. EasyGo GPS can also fully customize reports. This feature has been integrated into multi-platforms such as: Ministry of Transportation, Ministry of Environment, Biofarma, Unilever, DHL, and many others!

Let’s make the distribution process of goods in your business more effective with EasyGo GPS! EasyGo GPS has many other features that can help your business.


Send Items Easier With E-Pods

In this digital era like now, it is no longer an era when sending goods has to input data manually. E-Pod or Electronic Proof of Delivery is an application from EasyGo GPS that can make it easier for you to deliver goods. This mobile application functions as a digital receipt of goods if the goods have been received by your customers. You will find it easier to monitor the delivery of goods online and in real time without having to wait for physical proof of receipt from the delivery team. With this application, you also indirectly contribute to protecting the environment because it minimizes the use of paper and produces less paper waste.

Then, what are the features that are obtained?

  1. Monitoring Delivery Order
    The E-Pod application can monitor the delivery of your goods online and in real time. So you can know the process of the journey from the delivery of your goods. You can also inform the progress of the delivery of goods directly to your customers.
  2. Digitization of travel documents and receipts
    You can provide travel documents and receipts easily only through the application without using paper at all. So, save more paper right?
  3. Monitoring Driver / Staff Position
    E-Pods allow you to monitor the position of your driver or delivery staff. Thus, minimizing the occurrence of violations or delays in delivery.
  4. Notifications for Driver / Staff
    You can give notifications about delivery orders or directions to your driver / delivery staff directly.
  5. Integration with other apps
    The E-Pod application can be integrated with other applications that can maximize your shipping journey.

Well, those are the features that you will get when you use the E-Pod application from EasyGo GPS. What are you waiting for? Download the app now! If you have any questions, please contact us.


EasyGo GPS: A Safer Business Distribution Solution

Transportation and distribution are important aspects of a business. However, this aspect is also an aspect that is often detrimental because the company ‘missed’ with rogue elements. In addition, this aspect is often used as an easy target for crimes that will certainly harm the company. Therefore, to prevent losses for the company, a system is needed so that business distribution is much safer.

EasyGo GPS is here as a solution to make business distribution safer. EasyGo GPS offers a real-time vehicle tracking feature using the Global Positioning System (GPS). So, EasyGo friends don’t have to worry if your business distribution fleet is outside the distribution channel. With EasyGo GPS, you can also assess the performance of your drivers. This feature uses an algorithm that calculates how often the driver performs Harsh Acceleration (stepping on the gas too deep), Harsh Braking (sudden braking), Harsh Cornering (sudden cornering), and Over Speed. So, you can minimize losses caused by poor driver performance. In addition, there is a voice tapping feature that allows you to hear conversations in the vehicle by entering the telephone number of the recipient of the conversation. This feature aims to minimize irregularities or misuse during distribution.

Are you sure your business distribution is secure enough? Don’t take the risk! Install EasyGo GPS for your business fleet now.


Reduce Business Operational Costs with EasyGo GPS Application

Like the economic principle that EasyGo friends often hear, “Minimum capital, maximum profit” sometimes needs to be applied in the business world. If you can reduce costs, why not do it, right? One aspect of costs that often swells in business is definitely operational costs. In fact, you can minimize operational costs, EasyGo friends!

One way is to use the Transportation Management System (TMS) application. In the TMS application, there is a Maintenance Control System feature that can help as a reminder or notification of Service schedules, Oil Changes, Vehicle License Extensions so that they are not missed and have the opportunity to generate additional costs if they are late. The Maintenance Control System feature can also be used as a Cost Control for Operational Costs (cost of spare parts, tires, fuel and others).

In addition, the TMS application also has an Estimation Fuel Consumption feature that can help EasyGo friends find out and analyze operational costs incurred based on reports of gasoline consumption consumption from distribution fleets. This feature can also reduce operational costs by adjusting the fleet used based on the comparison of gasoline usage for each fleet.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s install EasyGo GPS now!


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Safety First! Prioritize Safety with the Early Warning System at EasyGo GPS

In every sector that involves the distribution of goods, a good security system to anticipate travel problems is essential for dealing with theft, piracy, route deviation, and accidents. For that, EasyGo presents an Early Warning System on EasyGo GPS!

The Early Warning System is part of the Transportation Management System (TMS) at EasyGo GPS. This system is in the form of an integrated monitor that has a preventive function for problems that may occur during the distribution process of goods. TMS EasyGo GPS provides a delivery monitoring system in real time, so that any obstacles that may occur in the delivery process can be handled more effectively. This system includes very comprehensive information such as driver behavior and performance during the delivery process and notifications for route deviations.

The Early Warning System also provides several features to overcome obstacles during the trip, such as the Immobilizer/Cut Off feature, where you can virtually stop the vehicle if the vehicle gets off the right track. There is also a Panic Button (SOS) that can be accessed by the driver to immediately notify you if there is an emergency.

So EasyGo GPS is not just a vehicle tracking system. With the Early Warning System technology in it, you have got a complete solution for the security of the delivery process for your business. Product, vehicle and driver safety can be monitored in real time so that any problems that occur during the trip can be handled effectively and efficiently.


Vaccine Distribution More Effective with EasyGo!

Entering June 2021, vaccine distribution has become more widespread and the Government is intensively educating the public about vaccines. However, there are many concerns about how to maintain the condition of the vaccine which is very sensitive to temperature changes during the distribution process. To answer these concerns, IoT Technology is here as the answer!

As EasyGo’s contribution to the distribution of vaccines by Biofarma, EasyGo GPS uses Transportation Management System (TMS) technology which includes many features that can monitor the movement of vehicles connected via the internet. Some of them are GPS Safety to monitor the driver’s movement, door sensors to ensure the door is only opened at predetermined points, and the Panic Button (SOS) which can be used for emergencies. Well, the superior feature of IoT technology for vaccine distribution is the temperature sensor. TMS at EasyGo GPS provides a Temperature Dashboard to monitor the temperature of the vaccine in the vehicle to keep it stable and according to Health Standards during the delivery process. All information tracked through EasyGo GPS can also be accessed in real time, so that vaccine distribution managers can find out all the information needed in a timely manner.

In addition to vaccine distribution, TMS at EasyGo GPS is also the right choice to facilitate the distribution of goods in the supply chain business, logistics needs, and others so that it has been trusted by more than 1000 companies in Indonesia. We also provide a free trial service for those of you who want to try the convenience of using EasyGo GPS.