[Company] Profile

Established in 2006, PT EASYGO INDONESIA operates in the Technology and Information field, as a Global Positioning System tool (GPS) installation and service provider. PT EASYGO INDONESIA is better known as EasyGo GPS, and has been trusted by various companies from different industries as a working partner.

Initially, EasyGo GPS only focused as GPS Provider with a specialization of Vehicle Security and Tracking System for vehicles. However, with the development of technology and requests from various industries, EasyGO GPS right now have already provided services and solution for Transportation Management System (TMS).

Our service and solution from EasyGo GPS offers different features, including real-time vehicle tracking using Global Positioning System (GPS), vehicle management, driver management, route management, delivery order, maintenance control, etc. EasyGo GPS also supports the operational system of companies that own container fleets with E-Seal products, which can be specially programmed according to the needs of the respective company.

Every year, EasyGo GPS is always committed to innovate better services for our customers. Therefore, in 2021, EasyGO GPS started to launch a product that can be used by individuals. This product will become a bridge to help introduce the technology to the general public and hopefully would erase the bad perceptions of GPS as a tapping, tracking, or a deathly device.

COMPANY [Milestone]

Our innovation year by year

Started from here


Started our GPS Provider

Vehicle Security & Tracking System.

Fleet Management System

Focused on FLEET Management, Mobile Application & Integration.

E-Seal Security for Container

Created Exclusive Box, ets with Electronic Seal (E-Seal) for Custom Clearance

Improvement - TMS Management System

TMS Management System:
Optimized Management Fleet, Order Management, Delivery and Custom Relationship

EasyGo Cloud

Based on Cloud System, optimized Android and IOS User experiences with Value Added features, such as E-Asset, E-Activity, E-Finance, etc.

to be continued....

Business & [Solution]

With a specially designed solution (Customized System) for companies and individuals, PT. EASYGO INDONESIA’s main business is to assist customers in managing operational vehicles, increase operational visibility and lower capital costs with various Transportation Management System Solution that are very innovative, measurable, transparent and powerful.

Benefits of [EasyGO] GPS

  • Can provide users with full reports that can be used for performance analysis. 
  •  Presents a variety of features that can be tailored to customer needs.
  • Easy feature integration and implementation, and can be adapted to data needs using applications that can be accessed directly by customers. 
  • Ideal price that helps save the company’s operating costs. 
  • Offer consultation service and customization service so the application that is built will be according to the customer’s operational needs. 
  • Product will be developed nonstop in order to function optimally. 
  • Customer Service with 24-hour service that can provide maximum assistance for customers. 
  • EasyGo GPS will provide GPS for customers, who do not have it yet, to support customers in monitoring the company’s operations.

Vision [and] Mission


[Company] Vision

EasyGo GPS is committed to becoming the largest and most innovative company in providing internet-based Transportation Management System facilities and services in Indonesia.


[Company] Mission

  • Provide the best facilities and services for both corporate and individual customers. 
  • Build good long-term business relationships with all business partners. 
  • Improving the quality of Human Resources in our company.
  • Always actively following current development and technologies.

Company [Principle]


Bisnis yang kami jalankan
bersifat berkelanjutan.


We will always give our best services.


Our credibility can be trusted.


We provide a complete integrated service.

We offer Free Trial for you!