Collaborating with EasyGO Indonesia, West Manggarai Kadin Digitizes Labuan Bajo Tourism Ship Business

The West Manggarai Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin), East Nusa Tenggara (NTT) collaborates with PT EasyGo Indonesia (EasyGo GPS) in a business digitization program in the tourist boat sector in Labuan Bajo. The presence of EasyGO GPS is expected to optimize the business of tourist boat businesses, especially controlling the security and safety of guests and their fleets.

Quoted from the Labuanbajo.inbisnis.id news portal, EasyGO GPS CO-Founder, Dersy Juneiri said, currently his party has established the Komodo GPS system for the fleet in Labuan Bajo, one of which is the RRI BAHARI 02 Speedboat.

“In an emergency situation, if the ship presses the panic button, there will be immediate feedback from EasyGo to convey a message to the stakeholders concerned to follow up on the emergency situation,” he said.

EasyGo GPS itself provides tracking facilities for corporate and individual customers, allowing tourism boat business actors to track or monitor the position and status of tourist ships in real time and function as a tourist ship safety device.

For information, PT EasyGo Indonesia was founded in 2006, has EasyGo GPS services and solutions that have many features. Including real-time vehicle tracking using the Global Positioning System (GPS), fleet management, driver management, route management, order delivery, maintenance control and others.

EasyGo GPS also supports the operational system of companies that have a fleet of containers with E-Seal products that can be programmed specifically, according to the company’s needs. EasyGo GPS is committed from year to year to always innovate to provide the best service for customers.

Therefore, in 2021 EasyGo GPS will start launching products that can be used by individuals. This product will be a bridge that introduces technology to the general public, thereby eliminating the impression that GPS only has a tap, track and turn off function.

Source: TransGO


Supporting Labuan Bajo Tourism, PT Easygo Indonesia Presents Komodo GPS

Supporting Labuan Bajo as a super priority destination, PT. Easygo Indonesia presents the Komodo GPS application.

This was conveyed by the CO Founder of PT.Easygo Indonesia Dersy Juneiri in a socialization activity with the theme Kadin Synergy with the Government and Tourism Ship Business Actors Supporting the G20 and B20 Summits in Digitalization 4.0, which took place at the Class III KSOP Office Building Labuan Bajo, Water Front City, Jalan Yos Sudarso, Labuan Bajo-NTT, Tuesday (24/05/2022).

“We are from Easygo Indonesia, we are in collaboration with the West Manggarai Chamber of Commerce, and were asked to develop a digitalized system technology, that’s why the brand name Komodo GPS was created,” said Dersy Juneiri, CO Founder of PT. Easygo Indonesia to INBISNIS.ID, Tuesday (24/05/2022). ).
Dersy added that the presence of Komodo GPS in Labuan Bajo aims to support Labuan Bajo as a super priority tourism city as well as to assist the owners/onwers of tourist boats in Labuan Bajo to monitor their tourist boats.

Dersy further explained that the Komodo GPS which has been present in Labuan Bajo has been equipped with various interesting features.

“We can find out where the ship is, the history of the journey, whether it is docking, what else is going on and we can also know how many times the trip is in a week or a month. In addition, we also have a feature called Sos Buton, for example, a ship sailing suddenly breaks down, the control is problematic, so just press the SOS, it can be reported to the water room,” he explained.
Dersy hopes that this Komodo GPS can provide benefits for tourism business actors in Labuan Bajo so that in the future it will grow.



EasyGo Synergy and Collaboration with Kadin Mabar Supports G20 and B20 Summits in Digitalization 4.0

PT. EasyGo GPS is a national-scale company engaged in services and solutions for the Transportation Management System (TMS), which was established in 2006.

In order to support the synergy of the West Manggarai Chamber of Commerce with the government and tourism boat business actors, Kab. West Manggarai in Digitizing 4.0, EasyGo offers the latest features that can make it easier for tourism actors in Labuan Bajo, in this case tourism boat business actors to control the security and safety of guests and their fleet.

With the mission of providing tracking facilities for corporate and individual customers, EasyGo, which uses a combination of Global Positioning System (GPS) technology and combined with the Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) can enable tourism boat business actors to track or monitor the position and status of vehicles in real time. time and serves as a vehicle safety device.

Dersy Juneiri as CO Founder of EasyGo said that currently his party has established the Komodo GPS system in the fleet in Labuan Bajo, one of which is the RRI BAHARI 02 Speedboat.

“In an emergency situation, if the ship presses the panic button, there will be immediate feedback from EasyGo to convey a message to the stakeholders concerned to follow up on the emergency situation,” he said.



Delivery Order Features: A Practical Solution to Replace Manual Travel Letters

Living in the digital era, but still relying on manual travel documents? Not anymore with EasyGo GPS!

EasyGo GPS with the Transportation Management System (TMS) application can give you a solution that makes it easy to input travel documents through the TMS application. At EasyGo, we call this feature Delivery Order. With Delivery Order, you can input travel documents anywhere and anytime.

The EasyGo GPS Delivery Order System also has the advantage of being able to perform multiple monitoring. Multi monitoring is meant, this feature is able to monitor more than one loading point (multi origin) and more than one destination (multi destination). That way, users of the TMS application from EasyGo GPS can maximize the company’s operational activities.

You can feel all the advantages of this Delivery Order feature after installing GPS from EasyGo. Consult your company’s needs with us, and we will be ready to immediately provide solutions or presentations to your company.

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Get All GPS Information and Solutions with Just One App!

Are you still having trouble tracking the movement of your business vehicle fleet? Want to access vehicle position information more easily and practically? EasyGo has the latest GPS technology for the solution, here!

EasyGo GPS uses Transportation Management System (TMS) technology which includes a complete report on the location, performance, and safety of the vehicle during the trip. Well, with this complete report, you will get every important notification that you should know right away, from emergencies, route deviations, to loading and unloading where they shouldn’t, through the Telegram application. This technology can also access the latest camera images to check the current condition of the vehicle.

So, for those of you who want a more practical way to track vehicle performance in real time, immediately get a GPS from EasyGo. You can get all the benefits of this technology for only IDR 5,000/day, you know! If you want to try it first, we also provide a free trial service. Come on.


Monitor Driver Performance with GPS Safety Features

The driver is one of the most important elements that determine the performance of the vehicle fleet, both in terms of shipping goods and transportation such as buses and travel. However, driver performance is often beyond our control, especially during the journey. For that, let’s use EasyGo GPS with GPS Safety!
The GPS Safety feature is part of the Transportation Management System (TMS) technology in EasyGo GPS. This feature itself is a monitoring that can provide complete information about the driver’s performance during the trip that you can access in real time. Then, how does this feature assess the driver’s performance? This feature uses an algorithm that calculates how often the driver performs Harsh Acceleration (stepping on the gas too deep), Harsh Braking (sudden braking), Harsh Cornering (sudden cornering), and Over Speed. The assessment that combines these various calculations will also be summarized in a monthly report that you will get to analyze the driver’s overall performance. In addition, the GPS Safety feature also includes a Fatigue Safety Report which will notify you if the driver has been driving for more than the limit you set to prevent accidents due to fatigued drivers. Complete, right?
So what are you waiting for? Get EasyGo GPS right away to get the most complete driver performance report to improve your fleet’s overall performance! EasyGo GPS also has many other features that can improve the performance of the transportation fleet, distribution of goods in the supply chain, to the distribution of vaccines, you know!


Enterprise Transportation and Distribution Management with Monthly Reports from TMS EasyGo GPS

Enterprise transportation and distribution management is a system of delivering goods with transportation within a company. This system is very important to prevent delays in delivery, and maintain the quality of goods during delivery. The performance of transportation and distribution management can even determine Customer Relationship Management (CRM). For that, you must conduct periodic analysis of the performance of the distribution of goods and continue to update this system. So, so that you get all the essential information to carry out this analysis, let’s use TMS EasyGo GPS for your delivery fleet!

Transportation Management System (TMS) EasyGo GPS is not an ordinary vehicle tracker, you know! This GPS includes integrated technology that can track every detail of the shipping process in real time. The information included in this tracker includes driver performance, vehicle routes, to loading and unloading times. Well, besides being tracked in real time, all this information is also summarized in the Monthly Report, Monthly Update Unit, Detail Report, and Summary Report. In this report, you will get a Productivity Dashboard that displays how many times each vehicle takes a Delivery Order (DO) and how much maintenance costs have been spent on each trip. Complete, right?

So, let’s improve the performance of your company’s transportation and distribution management with TMS EasyGo GPS! You can try our service with a free trial, you know.


Maintenance Control System: No More Late in Caring for Vehicles

Caring for vehicles is one of the mandatory things that must be done by vehicle owners. One of the things that should not be overlooked in maintaining a vehicle is the KIR test. KIR test is a test on a vehicle that aims to measure whether the vehicle is still feasible to run or not. Usually, vehicles that are required to carry out the KIR test are vehicles that have been operating for more than 5 years. Passing the KIR test is a very fatal thing. Because, it can cause traffic accidents if the vehicle is actually not suitable for use.

In addition, regular oil changes are also important in maintaining the vehicle. If EasyGo friends don’t change the oil according to the schedule, it can make the quality of the vehicle’s engine decrease, overheating occurs, wastes gasoline and also damages vehicle components. Therefore, EasyGo friends must change the vehicle engine oil according to the schedule it should be. However, doing the KIR test or changing engine oil is often a forgotten activity, isn’t it?

EasyGo GPS can be a solution for EasyGo friends who often forget their vehicle maintenance schedule. Through the maintenance control system feature, EasyGo GPS can provide notifications if there is a KIR test schedule or a schedule for changing engine oil. Not only that, the maintenance control system feature allows you to

EasyGo gets a reminder if there is a vehicle license renewal schedule. Thus, the extension is not missed and has the opportunity to generate additional costs if it is late.

Don’t be late again in caring for EasyGo’s friend’s vehicle! Try the benefits of the maintenance control system feature right now with the free trial facilities that we provide. Contact our customer service right now!


Factors to Consider When Opening a Vehicle Rental Business

Opening a car rental business may be one of the right opportunities at this time. This is because the ongoing pandemic and limited public transportation have made the use of private vehicles an option for traveling. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with EasyGo friends trying to open a profitable vehicle rental business.

In opening a vehicle rental business, there are several factors that EasyGo’s friends must pay attention to. One of them is the vehicle safety factor. If EasyGo friends want to rent a vehicle without a driver or remove the key, of course it will be very risky. EasyGo friends must have a Global Positioning System (GPS) that can track the vehicle’s position in real time. In addition to safety, the use of vehicles is also a factor that must be considered. However, how to find out the use of the vehicle when the vehicle is rented?

EasyGo GPS is the best solution for EasyGo friends who have or want to have a vehicle rental business. EasyGo GPS provides complete reports accompanied by the GPS Safety feature so that it can monitor vehicle usage as long as the vehicle is rented by the customer. Besides that,

EasyGo GPS also offers real-time tracking of vehicle positions using GPS which is guaranteed to be accurate. So, your vehicle is safe and protected from theft crimes.

Well, those are the factors that EasyGo friends must pay attention to when they want to open a vehicle rental business. Consult your GPS needs with our customer service and EasyGo friends can open a vehicle rental business in peace.


Afraid of Reckless Drivers on the Road? Take advantage of the Driver Behavior & Performance feature in the EasyGo GPS Application!

One person’s habits cannot be controlled by another. However, EasyGo friends can adjust the driving habits of the drivers! Don’t you want EasyGo GPS friends to lose money because of the bad habits of drivers who are often reckless on the road? The company name is at stake. The solution for drivers not to be reckless on the road is to take advantage of the driver behavior & performance features found in the EasyGo GPS application.

EasyGo GPS is a solution for the transportation and logistics industry to track vehicles in real time. In addition, EasyGo GPS has driver behavior & performance features that EasyGo friends can use to see the driver’s performance while driving. This feature uses a good algorithm that combines trip data and GPS safety data which consists of hars acceleration, hars braking, hars cornering and also over speed. EasyGo friends can use this data to provide rewards and punishments for drivers. So, the driver pays more attention to how to drive and will not be reckless again. In addition, this feature can also assist in the process of analyzing the condition of the vehicle in the event of a traffic accident.

The driver behavior & performance feature is one of the features recommended by the Ministry of Transportation or the Ministry of Transportation. Because, this feature is very helpful in preventing traffic accidents. EasyGo GPS has also been integrated with Kemunhab’s servers and is currently widely used on Inter-City Inter-Provincial Buses or AKAP as well as Tourism Buses.

Come on, stop reckless habits on the road to avoid traffic accidents with EasyGo GPS! Contact our customer service for details on features and applications.