Have a Vehicle Rental Business? Note These Tips!

The need for vehicles continues to increase, but not everyone can afford to own a private vehicle. Because of that, the rental business continues to grow and is never empty of customers. So, if you are one of the business actors, have you maximized your business potential? EasyGo GPS will give you the tips!

So that the rental business that you run can grow, there are things you must pay attention to. Among others are:

  1. Understand the type of vehicle you are going to rent
  2. Apply a stamped agreement between the tenant and the company
  3. Register the vehicle with an insurance company
  4. Manage income and expenses in detail
  5. Install a GPS device to monitor vehicles and drivers

Well, those are five important points that you should know when running a vehicle rental business. Usually, many underestimate point number 5, because GPS is still considered a secondary necessity. However, due to the development of the times and government regulations, it is now mandatory to install GPS.

If you are looking for a trusted GPS provider for your company, EasyGo GPS is the answer! We provide software and hardware with advanced technology that can help maximize operational activities.


Drive Right, Don’t Be a Lane Hogger!

It is common knowledge that the right lane on the expressway is intended to overtake. However, it is often encountered by motorists who walk statically in the right lane even though there are no vehicles in front of them. This rider is called a lane hogger. Lane which means path and hogger which means selfish person.

The lane hogger will interfere with the smooth travel on the toll road and also the movements of other drivers. Because it blocks the road, people’s operational activities are also disrupted. In addition to stalling for time, lane hoggers are also dangerous for the safety of other drivers. Because, it can provoke other drivers to overtake through the dangerous left lane.

By installing EasyGo GPS, you can not only monitor vehicles that are blocked by the lane hogger. However, you can also ensure that your fleet driver doesn’t become a lane hogger that hinders other people’s work. Using EasyGo GPS’s Transportation Management System (TMS) features, there’s nothing you can’t do!

We offer a free trial service for companies interested in our solutions.


In-Vehicle Sound Monitor Keep Calm!

Cases of theft of company vehicles that are still rampant are indeed troubling. Even though it was parked and locked in the garage, security was still not enough. Therefore, to maximize vehicle safety, you must install EasyGo GPS!

With Transportation Management System (TMS) Solutions, EasyGo GPS can save companies from the risk of losing their vehicles. One very useful feature for this is the voice tapping feature. This feature allows you to hear conversations in the vehicle via cellphone in real time.

How to access it, you only need to call the number that has been registered to the GPS server, then, EasyGo GPS will connect you with the device that has been installed so that you can listen to the ongoing conversation.

Of course, voice clarity is not a guarantee because many factors are considered. For example, the sound of music, street sounds, engine sounds, and others. However, in essence, this feature can be an additional shield for your company’s vehicle!

Install EasyGo GPS now and experience the benefits for your company for yourself. You can submit a presentation to our team before deciding to buy. Don’t miss the latest information and news from us. Always check Instagram Official EasyGO.


Why Office Vehicles Must Install GPS?

The use of GPS devices for company vehicles is intended to facilitate operational activities. Not only for certain types of fleets such as cargo or heavy equipment, but office cars also need to be installed with this internet-based technology. Not just a display to follow the trend, but the installation of GPS on office vehicles also has many benefits that affect the welfare of the company.

The general function of GPS is to track vehicles. However, with the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution, this tool can have more functions than a tracking tool. The benefits that its features can provide are:

  1. Protect the vehicle from the risk of loss or damage
  2. Increase employee productivity
  3. Improve working time efficiency
  4. Reducing operational costs
  5. Maintain the safety of operating employees

With its sophistication, you can experience all of these features for a monitoring fee of IDR 5,000/day only! In addition to the benefits above, there are also many other benefits that you can get by installing EasyGo GPS.


Work Faster with Multi-Platform Monitoring Features!

In the digital era like now, almost all office and field work has implemented internet-based technology to facilitate daily work. EasyGo GPS is an example that makes that easy. In our Transportation Management System (TMS) solution, there is such a thing as Multi-Platform Monitoring. What’s that?

This feature allows users to monitor from various platforms that have been integrated. For EasyGo GPS itself, the platforms that users can access are the web base (PC and mobile browsers), android applications, and Telegram. EasyGo GPS also has notification and information sharing features that run privately for users and the public.

Because it can be accessed from many platforms, users can monitor it from anywhere and anytime, without having to open a PC. That way, operational activities during work can be carried out more quickly and effectively. With just one application, your work can be helped!

Install EasyGo GPS and experience the convenience of the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) for yourself!


Get to know EasyGo GPS Implementation for the Cement Industry!

As a GPS Solution Expert, EasyGo GPS does not only limit the use of GPS to only tracking and tapping devices. There are many other uses that can be implemented for various industrial fields. For example, the cement industry.

The EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution has additional features and accessories that can be tailored to your company’s needs. For the cement industry, the features we provide are there to ensure the ease of field operations in monitoring:

  1. Fleet weight (with or without payload)
  2. Fleet Condition
  3. Delivery orders
  4. Fleet location
  5. Vehicle utilization

In addition to the superior features already mentioned, there are many other EasyGo GPS features that can be implemented to assist the company’s operations in the field.


The Mining Industry Also Needs GPS Technology!

The use of GPS is now not only limited to the logistics and transportation industry. The implementation of IoT (internet of things) technology on GPS is also useful for the mining industry! Especially in terms of operations in the field.

Mining industry practices are carried out in areas with large territories. The distance from one post to another is very far apart. Thus, technology is needed that can facilitate management; from monitoring to securing the fleet. With GPS technology, data regarding fleet conditions can be accessed in real time without fear of delays.

To support the mining industry, EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution is equipped with features such as:
Real-time monitoring
Delivery order management
In/Out Geofence
Standby & idling activities
Maintenance control system
Vehicle utilization

Want to know how we implement these features with the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution? Submit a presentation, our team is ready to help you.


Reduce the Number of Road Accidents with GPS Safety!

During this pandemic, the travel industry is not as busy as in previous years. However, news about traffic accidents on the road due to the negligence of travel drivers still exists. To suppress this problem, there is already a Regulation of the Director General of Land Transportation Number KP.2081/AJ.801/DRJD/2019 which explains the obligation to install electronic vehicle monitoring devices.

With this regulation, the installation of GPS has become mandatory for public and tourism buses. The goal is that the movement of the fleet and drivers can be monitored in real time. To tighten this regulation, the Ministry of Transportation will not give permission before the fleet is installed with a GPS tracker.

The EasyGo GPS server has been integrated with the Ministry of Transportation server, making it easier for users later. The GPS Safety function in EasyGo GPS also includes other advanced features such as:
In/Out Geofence
Route Geofence
Driver Management
Maintenance Notification
Capture Camera
Driver Behavior

EasyGo GPS offers a free trial for companies who want to try our Transportation Management System (TMS) Solutions and Services.


Cold Chain Distribution More Secure with EasyGo GPS!

A cold chain system, aka a supply chain system that pays attention to the temperature level of the load in the process, is a distribution system that requires more than just a refrigerated fleet. To maintain the cargo carried by a cold chain system, integrated supervision is needed starting from the loading and unloading process to the delivery of goods to consumers, so that in addition to maintaining the quality of the cargo, the journey in the distribution process is also more effective and safe. For that, EasyGo GPS is here as a complete solution for cold chain businesses!

The Transportation Management System (TMS) technology in EasyGo GPS has the right features to provide integrated monitoring of cold chain distribution systems. One of the most important features for cold chain distribution is Blue Coin T technology, which is a practical temperature sensor that uses Bluetooth technology. With this technology, the temperature of the cargo in each fleet can be monitored from the beginning of the loading process until it arrives at its destination without having to carry out the installation process. It’s easy, right?

In addition to Blue Coin T technology, EasyGo GPS also provides complete tracking reports that you can access in real-time. This report includes a Temperature Dashboard that displays the status of the highest and lowest temperature limits and a door sensor that functions to know when and where the refrigerator door is opened. Well, if the temperature exceeds the limit it should be or the door is opened in a place it shouldn’t, you will get a notification via telegram or email.

TMS technology in EasyGo GPS is a complete solution for cold chain distribution needs that has been trusted by more than 1,000 companies in Indonesia. You can also try EasyGo GPS technology for only IDR 5,000/day, you know!


Note These 3 Tips Before Choosing a GPS Provider!

With so many GPS providers in Indonesia, it’s hard for you to find a choice. Well, in this article, EasyGo GPS will give you tips for choosing the right GPS provider to make your business easier!

  1. Check the Features
    Without complete features, the GPS that you install will only be a monitoring tool. Now, there are GPS providers who are not only hands off, but also provide solutions for their partners. The solutions or features provided can be tailored to the needs of the industry.
  2. Ensure the Official Permit and Eligibility to Sell
    To ensure the safety of the company, always ask the GPS provider about their legal license and resaleability! Qualified GPS providers must have obtained official permits and certificates of eligibility as proof of their credibility.
  3. Choose one that has its own server
    There are two types of GPS providers: those with rental servers and those with their own. Providers that have their own servers have the advantage of being able to run periodic updates by the company. Not only that, IT Support is also guaranteed and access time will also be faster.

Well, you don’t need to be confused about browsing again to choose which provider is the most appropriate. Because EasyGo GPS has it all! Starting from complete advanced features, official permissions and eligibility, as well as its own server. We are dedicated to assisting companies in various industrial fields by providing Solutions Transportation Management System (TMS) services.