Temperature Sensor Feature Function for Cold Chain Business

The name is a cold chain business, it must be very dependent on the temperature or cabin temperature. Is it right? EasyGo GPS has also often discussed how we implement features on our GPS devices for cold chain businesses, especially for the Temperature Sensor feature. Want to know what functions this feature has?

The Temperature Sensor feature in the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution has three main functions. That is:

  1. Maintain the quality of cargo by monitoring the temperature in the cabin continuously
  2. Sending notifications if the temperature in the cabin exceeds or falls below the specified limit
  3. Provide “average” temperature report data in 1 delivery cycle

It is these functions that make EasyGo GPS a cold chain business friend. Complete features, guaranteed GPS maintenance, and of course modern and sophisticated tools! Get and install EasyGo GPS right away for your company vehicle.


Complete Car Accessories with iGo Tracker EasyGo GPS!

When buying a car, of course you also buy accessories to complement the vehicle and to help you during the trip. Accessories such as speakers, car chargers, to air purifiers, there are many choices of accessories chosen by vehicle owners to complement their cars. Of all the existing vehicle accessories, there is one that should not be missed, even a must-have. That accessory is a GPS device or rather iGO Tracker from EasyGo GPS!

“Why use a GPS Tracker like iGO Tracker? Don’t you have GPS installed on every cell phone?” Maybe that’s what most people ask. Apart from having a different function with GPS on a cellphone, here are other reasons why you should equip your car with iGO Tracker:

  1. You can optimize vehicle monitoring and tighten vehicle safety from the palm of your hand
  2. As a reminder to service the vehicle on a regular basis
  3. The GPS Safety feature can maximize driving performance
  4. The Auto Guard System feature can prevent your vehicle from being stolen
  5. The Driver Fatigue feature can remind motorists of the driving duration limit so they don’t get too tired

Well, that’s 5 reasons! Actually, there are many other factors that make you have to install iGO Tracker from EasyGo GPS. For more detailed installation information and product details, you can visit The iGO Tracker website


EasyGo GPS: Rental Business Entrepreneur’s Best Friend

One of the businesses that have high margins today is the car rental business. With just a few cars, EasyGo friends can already benefit from daily or even monthly rent. Car rental maintenance costs are not too expensive, so EasyGo friends can get quite a large profit. Even so, of course every business has the potential to lose. In the rental business, the potential is the potential for unit loss or unit damage. For unit damage, maybe it can be overcome with insurance. However, what about losing units? Well, EasyGo GPS is the answer!

EasyGo GPS can provide an automatic tracking feature on every unit that EasyGo friends rent. Thus, there is no more potential for unit loss. EasyGo friends don’t even need to check the units that EasyGo friends have, because EasyGo GPS can monitor hundreds or even thousands of units with one application. In addition to checking the location of the unit, EasyGo GPS can also monitor the performance of the driver. So, if there is a loss caused by the renter of the unit due to poor driving performance, EasyGo friends can file a claim.

In addition to these features, EasyGo GPS also has various other features that are very beneficial for EasyGo friends as rental entrepreneurs.


Keep Passengers and Fleet Safe from Reckless Drivers!

For EasyGo friends who have a transportation business such as buses, taxis or other transportation, the services provided are certainly something that continues to be considered. Because, the services provided are what can attract passengers and keep passengers to continue using EasyGo Buddy’s transportation services. One of them is the driving comfort and safety of the driver. If the driver or driver drives the fleet in a careless or reckless manner and makes passengers uncomfortable or even unsafe, of course passengers are reluctant to use these transportation services. Therefore, EasyGo friends must pay attention to how the driver or driver drives the fleet.

EasyGo GPS can help EasyGo friends monitor how a driver is driving with just one application. With a good algorithm, which is a combination of Trip data, GPS safety data – Harsh A, HB, HC, EasyGo GPS can produce Driver Behavior & Performance information as the basis for giving rewards and punishments to EasyGo’s buddy fleet drivers. Thus, the driver’s performance can be monitored and can provide optimal service and provide maximum satisfaction for passengers.

Keep passengers safe and avoid losses due to reckless drivers with EasyGo GPS!


Early Warning System at EasyGo GPS, What’s Up?

Currently, the development of digital technology is very sophisticated. One of the products resulting from the development of increasingly sophisticated digital technology is the early warning system (EWS). An early warning system is a system designed to be able to send notifications of certain symptoms before an event occurs. Currently, the early warning system has been implemented in various sectors and the transportation and logistics sector is no exception. In this sector, the early warning system is used for the purpose of anticipating potential crimes that can be committed, such as theft, piracy, route deviation or even accidents.

EasyGo GPS has also realized the importance of the early warning system feature. Thus, we also provide an early warning system feature in all of our applications. The early warning system feature provided by EasyGo is in the form of a monitoring concept or preventive action to prevent the adverse events that have been previously mentioned. The EWS features found in the EasyGo GPS application include:

  1. Main power cut
    Notifications that can make it easier for customers if the GPS cannot send the current position data to the server during the trip due to an indication of the battery or GPS being removed, thus making data transmission a problem.
  2. Driving behavior
    Knowing the habits of the driver when bringing the fleet.
  3. Route deviation
    Knowing whether the fleet is following the appropriate route or not/
  4. Panic button
    Emergency button when there is an indication of danger.
  5. Immobilizer
    Anti-theft mechanism that prevents the engine from starting when the ignition does not match even though it has the same pattern.

With these features, EasyGo GPS can help EasyGo friends to be more careful about adverse events that may occur. Let’s try the early warning system feature.


Check Estimated Fuel Usage with EasyGo GPS

When the price of vehicle fuel is soaring, the company’s operating costs will also increase. For owners of transportation or logistics businesses, this will certainly cause concern. Moreover, because the calculation of fuel expenditure only relies on reports from the driver on duty. Well, to help business owners with this, EasyGo comes with a Transportation Management System solution and the Estimated Fuel Consumption feature!

Fuel consumption is one of the main indicators that will be monitored by GPS devices to help the company, because fuel consumption alone can represent more than 50% of the company’s total operating costs. This high cost occurs due to improper gas drain, vehicle mileage is longer than planned, long idle time, and even fuel theft. With the Estimated Fuel Consumption feature, business owners can monitor all these things and prevent unpleasant incidents due to trip reports from EasyGo GPS!

Find out more about this feature and other EasyGo GPS features.


Drivers Must Wear Seat Belts, Airbags Are Not Enough!

Before driving, it is important to ensure overall safety. Starting from the feasibility of the vehicle engine to the condition of the driver. In order to ensure driver safety, now most vehicles are equipped with airbags. This technology has been proven time and again to save lives in the event of an unwanted event. But, did you know that airbags alone are not enough?

Apparently, the use of airbags without a seat belt or seat belt can result in injury. The reason is, when an accident occurs, the body will be jerked forward and the airbag will inflate at the same time. Without a seat belt that holds you back, you could be injured by the impact of the airbags and possibly fatal. Therefore, make sure to always fasten your seat belt!

For a safe trip, also make sure your body is always fit and drive according to the rules. Because, if the driver drives recklessly, in addition to endangering himself, he must also endanger others. EasyGo GPS with its Driver Behavior feature can prevent this bad habit!

Read more information about EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution on our website


Door Sensors Help Keep Vehicles Safe!

For business owners in the logistics sector, they certainly understand the fear of driver negligence during the goods delivery process. Whether from working hours, attitude during driving, or honesty in delivering goods. To remove these worries, the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution comes with super advanced features and helps the company’s operational activities!

Besides having Geofence, Real Time Monitoring, and Driver Behavior features; EasyGo GPS is also equipped with Door Sensor. This feature serves to detect and provide information about the time, date, and location of the vehicle cabin door opening and closing. Not only that, this feature can also provide notifications when goods are unloaded outside the destination area. This notification will be delivered via Telegram or email to the business owner.

With this feature, business owners can tighten vehicle and company security during operational activities. The tighter the security, the more guaranteed the service that can be provided to customers!


Install the Camera Feature to Make Vehicles Safer!

Ensuring the security of all company assets is the responsibility of all business owners, regardless of industry sector. One way that can be done, of course, is to install a GPS Tracker. However, a GPS Tracker device alone is not enough. You need the right solution from the Transportation Management System (TMS) EasyGo GPS!

With complete features, EasyGo GPS can also be equipped with camera features. This camera feature can help you to:

  1. Knowing the number of passengers in the vehicle
  2. Record and capture when the vehicle has entered the area specified by Geofence
  3. Monitoring the condition of the load in the cabin or vehicle
  4. And many more!

You can get this advanced feature by installing EasyGo GPS. If you need a more in-depth explanation of the functions and uses of this feature and other features of EasyGo GPS, you can contact our Customer Service to submit a presentation request.


EasyGo GPS Help the Fleet Monitor Dispatcher Team!

The Dispatcher team is a profession whose job is to ensure that all vehicles and their drivers are always ready to operate. This team is also tasked with monitoring vehicle conditions, designing vehicle travel schedules and routes, and even making reports and evaluations of vehicle and driver activities. Because the Dispatcher Team’s tasks are myriad, you can help them by installing EasyGo GPS!

Transportation Management System (TMS) EasyGo GPS is equipped with complete features that can facilitate the work of the Dispatcher Team. Due to its real time monitoring feature, EasyGo GPS can inform the Dispatcher Team if a fleet moves outside the geofence via a deviant route. That way, operational activities will run more smoothly and effectively!

Complete your company’s fleet with EasyGo GPS with internet of things (IoT) technology. Equipped with advanced features, the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution will support your company’s operational activities!