Asperindo and EasyGO Indonesia Collaborate, Holds Grand Meeting of Courier Companies in West Java

The Association of Indonesian Express Delivery Service Companies (Asperindo) West Java held a grand meeting of members at the El Royal Hotel Bandung on February 23, 2022. This event aims to consolidate the internal organization after almost two years of not meeting the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Attended by more than 100 members, this event was also used as a forum for socialization related to changes in shipping service company licensing and the relationship between OSS and Kominfo and this industry. The members were also given the opportunity to express their aspirations, especially the current condition of the post-pandemic courier business.

“Almost 80% of West Java last year was filled with e-commerce goods. So, thank God, in this pandemic situation, we can quite get an abundance of delivery, because we know the pandemic has made more people at home,” said Rama Wijaya, Chairman of DPW Asperindo Jabar explaining the current condition of the courier business.

According to him, the increase in demand for courier services is proportional to the increase in the e-commerce business which has penetrated up to 400%. Even so, he did not deny that there were members who were affected and had to close the company, especially courier companies that had not yet entered the e-commerce market.

Some members who are affected are on average because they have not digitized their business processes, so many customers have switched. “Currently, customers want to know the position of the goods ordered from the marketplace, the goods are sent until they are received. This is what my friends didn’t anticipate yesterday,” he continued.

Therefore, he continued, business digitization is an important moment in the courier business in order to remain competitive. This has also been a consideration for Asperindo Jabar since 2019 collaborating with PT EasyGO Indonesia (EasyGO), a TMS (Transportation Management System) service provider company.

“We have experienced since 2006 focusing on providing services and solutions for TMS. EasyGO’s services and solutions have many features, including real-time vehicle tracking using GPS technology,” said Rangki Riawan, EasyGO Account Manager for the West Java area.

He added, EasyGO also features fleet management, driver management, route management, delivery orders and maintenance control. For information, apart from being supported by EasyGO, this event is also supported by BUMIDA Insurance (Bumiputra Muda), JNE Ekspress and Astra Isuzu.

Source: TransGO News


KIR Test Late, Fleet Can Be Confiscated?

For vehicle owners, of course, have heard of the KIR Test. The KIR test is a series of checks that must be carried out to ensure that the vehicle complies with the eligibility and safety requirements to operate on the road. According to the rules, the KIR test must be carried out every 6 months to prevent accidents caused by the condition of vehicles that are no longer roadworthy.

Because of the importance of the KIR Test, Law Number 22 of 2009 concerning Road Transport Traffic (LLAJ) authorizes Civil Service investigators in the LLAJ sector to prohibit or delay the operation of motorized vehicles that do not meet technical and roadworthy requirements. But don’t worry, this ban doesn’t mean the fleet will be confiscated!

Even if it is not confiscated, the KIR Test should not be underestimated. Therefore, EasyGo GPS with Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution provides a Maintenance Control System feature that can provide a reminder to the user about the KIR Test.

Install EasyGo GPS now for your company fleet and experience the benefits.


Get to know the Cross Docking Method in the Logistics Industry

Having a structured storage system for goods in a warehouse is an obligation for companies that run in the retail or manufacturing sector. As a manufacturer, avoiding product storage has become a principle. Because, the longer the product is stored, it means that there is no income for the company and even poses additional risk.

Cross docking is a logistics strategy in which goods are unloaded from one source into a warehouse or another transit area, then immediately transferred to outbound transportation with as little storage time as possible. This method makes the system in the warehouse more effective. Because before, a company often had to have many suppliers who brought each product to a retail store.

Here are some of the advantages of the cross docking method:

  1. Minimize storage costs (Inventory)
  2. Efficiency in the distribution process
  3. Accelerate the flow of products from suppliers to retail stores
  4. Faster delivery time
  5. Maintain the value of an item (Keep new, keep fresh)

This method will run more effectively if the fleet that transports the goods also has maximum performance. Well, EasyGo GPS with its Transportation Management System Solution can help your company with its advanced features for the company’s fleet!


Route Planner: Increase Productivity and Time Efficiency

For logistics and transportation companies, of course, productivity and time efficiency are two very crucial things. Did you know EasyGo buddy that both of these things can be improved with one of the features found in the EasyGo application? This feature is the route planner feature. The route planner feature is a feature that can provide the most precise and efficient route estimation from the fleets owned by EasyGo Buddies. For example, there are 100 delivery points and there are only 5 available fleets. EasyGo route planner can make an effective and efficient delivery plan based on the distance calculation.

Then, why the route planner can increase the productivity and time efficiency of each fleet? Because, with a predetermined route planning, the fleet will be able to operate according to the specified route and be able to complete work effectively because they don’t have to look for ways during the delivery process and of course it will save time. So, delivery can be done faster and can make the next delivery.

In addition, of course having a route planner can save money too! Because the fleet will be more productive and also not a waste of time. The fleet also does not need more fuel because the route has been made as effective as possible.


Monitoring All Fleet From Only One Application

Having a business with a large number of fleets, tens, hundreds, even thousands, is indeed very interesting. However, EasyGo Buddies have to put in more effort to manage the entire fleet. EasyGo friends not only have to be disciplined in the maintenance schedule, but also ensure that the entire fleet is guaranteed safety. Of course, it’s impossible for EasyGo friends to monitor each fleet one by one, right? Therefore, EasyGo is here as a solution for EasyGo friends who have a fleet of tens, hundreds or even thousands and want to monitor all of them.

The EasyGo application has a Transportation Management System that can help EasyGo friends monitor all fleet trips in real time. This feature will send notifications automatically and provide data updates directly via telegram or email. Not only that, with the EasyGo application, EasyGo friends can also monitor the productivity of each fleet and also the behavior of the drivers of each fleet which greatly affects the productivity of your EasyGo business.

EasyGo itself has 15 years of experience and has been trusted by thousands of companies from various industries and has been installed in more than 35 thousand fleets. Immediately consult your EasyGo friend’s needs with us.


Monitor Overtime Loading and Unloading Your Fleet!

In the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution, there is a Delivery Order feature that functions to monitor and provide information to users about vehicles that have been assigned with a shipment number. This Delivery Order feature can also notify the user if the load in the vehicle is unloaded beyond the specified time limit with overtime loading and unloading notifications!

Information about overtime loading and unloading is sent directly via alerts by Telegram and notifications in the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) application. This notification will make it easier for the Dispatcher Team to monitor the fleet carrying the Delivery Order or cargo.

By monitoring details such as overtime loading and unloading of the fleet, you can also guarantee the quality of company services and prevent unwanted frauds from happening.

Let’s install EasyGo GPS for your company fleet now. We offer a free trial for companies that are trying the EasyGo GPS service for the first time.


Easier Communication With Live Location Sharing!

When the driver is delivering goods, sometimes there are customers who are impatient because they feel there is a delay because the goods have not arrived at their destination or there is no news. For maximum customer service, you must be able to anticipate it! One way is to install EasyGo GPS because it has a live location sharing feature.

The live location sharing feature in the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution serves to make it easier for drivers to inform customers about their location. By utilizing internet of things (IoT) technology, this feature allows drivers to provide updates in real time as well. Not only that, the driver can also set the duration of sharing the live location for the effectiveness and safety of the driver himself.

With this feature, you can anticipate impatient and complicated customers if there are unexpected delays. Communication between the driver and the customer is also easier!

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Get acquainted with the Supply Chain Industry!

One of the industrial sectors that EasyGo GPS helps with Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions is supply chain. If you are new to this industry, let’s get to know this industry more deeply and find out what solutions EasyGo provides!

A supply chain is a network system that connects a company and its suppliers to produce and distribute certain products to final buyers. This industry exists so that companies can expand supply chains while reducing distribution costs. In running a supply chain business, the biggest challenge for the company is to meet the delivery time according to the manufacturer’s request and secure the goods.

To assist the operational activities of the supply chain industry, EasyGo GPS provides advanced features in the Transportation Management System (TMS) solution. Among others are:

  1. Monitoring Delivery Order
  2. Geofence
  3. Real Time Monitoring
  4. Executive Dashboard
  5. Electronic Proof of Delivery (E-POD)

EasyGo GPS provides free trial offers for supply chain industry companies and other industries. Install now for free and try all the advanced features of EasyGo GPS!


Here are 3 Advantages of Installing EasyGo GPS for Your Business!

Global Positioning System (GPS) technology is already familiar. Its use in various industrial sectors is also growing. One form of development is the existence of a GPS Tracker such as EasyGo GPS!

When compared to other GPS Trackers on the market, EasyGo GPS has a major advantage, namely the Transportation Management System (TMS) solution. TMS solution is a system that manages every activity on transportation/fleet. This solution exists to reduce human intervention in order to simplify and avoid human error.

There are three main advantages that the EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) can provide for your business:

  1. Driver Performance Control
    Irresponsible drivers can harm the company. From services that are not optimal to soaring operational costs. With the Driver Behavior feature on EasyGo GPS, you can control this.
  2. Realtime Data Access
    EasyGo GPS can provide information in the form of reports, making it easier for management to evaluate business operational activities by using the Utilization Trip and Productivity Report features.
  3. Complete Report
    EasyGo GPS can provide Safety Reports, Operational Reports, Trip Reports, DO Reports, and Utilization Reports that can be customized as needed. That way, company management will be easier.

Well, that’s the main advantage. Actually, there are many other benefits that you can get. Find out more on our website!


These Benefits of Installing EasyGo GPS for the Cement Industry!

Not only for the transportation or logistics industry sector, EasyGo GPS also has solutions for various other industries. One of them is for the cement industry. With our experience of more than 15 years, EasyGo GPS has worked with cement companies such as Indocement and Semen Indonesia several times. What solutions do we provide?

The EasyGo GPS Transportation Management System (TMS) solution is designed to monitor this industrial fleet of heavy equipment. EasyGo GPS has complete features and additional accessories that can be tailored to your company’s needs. The following are some of the features that we provide to ensure the ease of field operations in monitoring:

  1. Fleet weight (with or without payload)
  2. Fleet Condition
  3. Delivery orders
  4. Fleet location
  5. Vehicle utilization

There are many more features of EasyGo GPS waiting to be learned! You can adjust all the features that will be installed from EasyGo according to your needs. So, don’t worry if later there are features that you feel you won’t use!