GPS Tracker Installation Regulated by Law!

Installing a GPS Tracker on the company’s fleet is not just to beautify the vehicle, it turns out that this has been regulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Transportation (Permenhub). To be precise, in Permenhub No. PM 60 of 2019 concerning the Implementation of the Transportation of Goods by Motorized Vehicles on the Road Article 13 paragraph 2 points K, L, M. What are the contents?

In these points, it is explained that:
K) Placing global positioning system device on each freight car.
L) Equipped with a driver’s performance monitoring device that can record the speed of the vehicle and the driver’s behavior in operating the vehicle; and
M) Meet the Minimum Service Standards for Goods Transport

It’s clear, right, the importance of installing a GPS Tracker on the company’s fleet? Now, all you have to do is find the right GPS Tracker provider. When choosing a GPS provider, the first thing you have to consider is the completeness of features and what solutions that provider can provide to users. Don’t worry, you don’t have to look far. There’s EasyGo GPS!

With a Transportation Management System (TMS) solution based on the Internet of Things (IoT) and equipped with advanced features and an IT Support team ready to help you, EasyGo can provide the best solutions and services for your company.


This Featured GPS Tracker for Cold Chain Business!

As the cold chain business industry grows in Indonesia, the need for GPS Trackers is also increasing. Businesses in this industrial sector use refrigerated fleets so they must pay attention to the temperature level of the load in the process. To maintain the load, supervision is needed starting from the loading and unloading process to the delivery of goods to consumers. To ensure the safety and quality of the payload, EasyGo GPS comes as a complete solution for cold chain businesses!

From the many features of EasyGo GPS, there are several main features in the system that are specifically intended for cold chain businesses. These features are:

  1. Real Time Monitoring
  2. Temperature Dashboard
  3. Delivery Order Management
  4. Report Temperature (upper limit / lower limit)
  5. Door Sensor

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These 3 Businesses Benefit From The GPS Tracker!

For many companies, Global Positioning System (GS) technology has a very important role, especially GPS Tracker. At the beginning of its appearance, GPS Tracker only had the function of tracking and turning off the engine. However, due to the development of technology, now GPS has also used Internet of Things (IoT) technology and has many beneficial functions for many business industries! Here we provide 3 examples of businesses that have proven to benefit from the GPS Tracker:

  1. Mining Business
    GPS Tracker can help monitor fleet working hours which is a reference for calculating rental costs. In addition, other features such as geofence are also very helpful for operational activities in the field.
  2. Rental Business
    The monitoring features, driver behavior, and driver fatigue really help the owner to maintain the driver’s performance in order to serve customers well. GPS Tracker also has a maintenance feature that serves as a reminder to service the vehicle or take care of paperwork.
  3. Cold Chain Business
    GPS Trackers now feature door sensors and temperature sensors that ensure product quality and safety in vehicles during distribution.

You can feel all these features and advantages by installing EasyGo GPS Tracker! With a Transportation Management System (TMS) solution in its system, EasyGo can provide all these advantages for your business.

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EasyGo GPS Solution Covers All of Indonesia!

The need for GPS Tracker is always increasing every year. Moreover, since the development of technology and the awareness of business owners of the importance of installing a GPS Tracker for their company fleet. Not only for security reasons, other functions of GPS Tracker are also becoming known. For example, the GPS function as a tool for data reporting on the performance of drivers and fleets.

The number of requests for GPS Tracker has resulted in many GPS providers in Indonesia. Each GPS provider has its own advantages, but only EasyGo GPS has a Transportation Management System Solution!

The system is an innovation from EasyGo GPS that utilizes the most advanced technology of the Internet of Things. This technology is the basis that allows users to operate all the features in EasyGo GPS easily via desktop or via smartphone. In EasyGo GPS, all of these features can be integrated and customized according to your company’s needs. This makes it easier for business owners to focus on what solutions EasyGo can provide and minimize irrelevant features.

EasyGo GPS has more than 15 years of operating experience and has been installed in more than 35,000 fleets from various companies and different industries throughout Indonesia. To make it easier for customers, EasyGo has branch offices spread across Indonesia.

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Prevent Before Accidents Happen with GPS Tracker!

A few weeks ago, there was a case of an accident on a toll road that involved the death of a well-known public figure in Indonesia. This incident is a reminder of the importance of maintaining safe driving, especially for drivers. Because, the behavior of the driver while on the road can affect the safety of passengers, road users, and of course the driver himself.

To ensure the driver is always in top condition when driving, EasyGo GPS with Transportation Management System (TMS) solutions provides advanced features that can guarantee driving safety!

To prevent accidents, EasyGo GPs provides the Driver Fatigue feature. This feature will notify you when the driver has driven more than the reasonable limit, which is four hours in a row. If you have received the notification via the EasyGo application, the driver will be advised to take a break.

In addition to the Driver Fatigue feature, EasyGo GPS also has a Driver Behavior feature. This feature can be used as a basis for driver evaluation because it can provide a complete report on driver behavior during driving. All these reports can also be accessed via the EasyGo GPS dashboard.

Well, that’s how EasyGo’s GPS Tracker prevents traffic accidents. Of course, there are many other features that you can get in EasyGo GPS.


Benefits of TMS EasyGo GPS Mobile Application for Users!

One of EasyGo’s advantages is that EasyGo’s GPS Tracker not only provides GPS hardware, but is also equipped with the TMS EasyGo GPS mobile application. This application exists to make it easier for users to monitor vehicles that are installed with EasyGo GPS. What can be monitored through this application?

When opening the TMS EasyGo application, users will be presented with options: Dashboard, Delivery Order, Attendance, Command, Playback, Notification, Last Camera, and Reports. In the Dashboard tab, users can access monitoring features that show the number of active vehicles, the latest updates, the position of the vehicle inside or outside the geofence, to the status of the vehicle.

Not only complete features, the TMS EasyGo GPS mobile application also has a modern and simple appearance and uses easy-to-understand language, making it a user-friendly application. As a user, you don’t need to be afraid that you don’t understand how to operate it, because Customer Service and the EasyGo GPS IT team are also ready to serve 24 hours if you have questions about the EasyGo application.

Download the app now! It is now available on the App Store and on the Google Play Store. Search “TMS EasyGo” and install the application right away!


The Greatness of EasyGo GPS, From Vehicle Security to Business Success!

As a GPS Tracker, EasyGo GPS has many functions. For ordinary people, the GPS Tracker function may not be commonly known because they are too familiar with the GPS Navigation function. Unlike these types of GPS, GPS Tracker has more complex functions and uses. From securing your vehicle to making your business a success, it’s all possible!

GPS Tracker EasyGo GPS has an internet of things-based system called the Transportation Management System (TMS). This system is a solution that runs the features in EasyGo GPS. This solution has the following functions:

  1. Vehicle Safety System
  2. Tracking & Security
  3. Electrical Proof Of Delivery
  4. Utility & Productivity
  5. Integration & Development System
  6. Management Control System

With advanced features and this TMS system, EasyGo GPS is ready to provide complete services for its users in carrying out company operations. The more effective the company’s operations, the more satisfied customers are! Business is getting smoother and more successful because of EasyGo GPS.

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Easygo GPS Secures Vaccine Distribution in Indonesia!

Vaccines are an important instrument as a step to prevent the spread of diseases caused by viruses in the community. To support the vaccination program for all Indonesian people, the government encourages the distribution of vaccines to be carried out quickly and safely. Therefore, a track and trace system based on the Internet of Things or IoT is needed for the vaccine distribution process.

One technology that can be used in vaccine delivery is Blue Coin T. This technology is a practical temperature monitoring technology that uses Bluetooth technology from EasyGo GPS. This technology is needed to keep the temperature of the cooler truck loading the vaccine at a safe temperature so that the vaccine is not damaged. In addition, EasyGo GPS can also provide easy tracking of vaccine distribution throughout Indonesia. Thus, the distribution of vaccines can be ensured in a targeted and timely manner. And, it can minimize the chaos in the field that occurs due to delays or distribution errors.

Entrust the distribution of vaccines or cold chains with EasyGo GPS technology!
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Features of Fatigue EasyGo GPS Driver Avoid Traffic Accidents

When asked what is the most important feature in GPS Tracker, which feature comes to your mind first? If your answer is real time monitoring or history playback, your answer is correct. But, did you know there is one feature that is no less important, it can even be the most superior feature? These features are: Driver Fatigue!

The Driver Fatigue feature serves as a reminder that gives notifications when the driver has driven more than the reasonable duration limit. Did you know that there is a government regulation that only allows drivers to drive for 4 hours in a row? Because, if it is longer, the driver may be too tired and can cause a loss of concentration.

If the driver has lost concentration, the risk is great. In addition to endangering themselves, a sleepy or unfocused driver can also endanger passengers and even other drivers on the road. Of course, you don’t want this to happen, do you?

Due to this, EasyGo GPS comes with Driver Fatigue feature. Equipped with other features of the Transportation Management System (TMS) solution, EasyGo GPS deserves to be a GPS Solution Expert!


Install EasyGo GPS, Get These Benefits!

The many choices of GPS Tracker providers in Indonesia will certainly make it difficult for you to determine which GPS option to install for your company’s fleet. To filter options, you have to identify the advantages of each provider, judging from what benefits you can get later. As for profit, of course EasyGo GPS as a GPS Solution Expert can give you more!

Here are some of the benefits that you can get if you install EasyGo GPS as a GPS Tracker for your company’s fleet:

  1. Monitoring multiple vehicles in real time
  2. Improve service for consumers with the Driver Behavior feature
  3. Increase fleet productivity and all operational activities
  4. Improve fleet distribution capabilities with the Delivery Order feature
  5. Lower operating costs with the Estimated Fuel Consumption fitur feature

There are many other benefits that you can get. Just ask EasyGo Customer Service for details, okay? Our customer service will give a responsive, fast, and friendly response for EasyGo friends.