Demand for Rental Services Increases on New Year’s Holiday? Be effective with EasyGo!

As is the tradition every year, the New Year’s holiday is one of the most eagerly awaited. Whether it’s for a vacation or returning home, people’s enthusiasm for the new year’s holiday has never decreased. Moreover, since vaccine policies and government regulations have been continuously improved, even now transportation businesses such as buses or rentals are starting to get busy again. With this increasing demand, many owners are surprised because they have been taking a break from operating for a long time because of PPKM. To keep operations running effectively, just install EasyGo GPS Tracker!

EasyGo GPS is a provider that provides GPS Tracker hardware and software based on Internet of Things (IoT) technology. Assisted by PT Teltonika as a GPS Tracker manufacturing company, EasyGo GPS is a provider that has quality hardware and is supported by sophisticated features as a solution to help your rental company.

With features such as Driver Behavior, Driver Fatigue, Real Time Monitoring, and Sharing Live Location, EasyGo GPS can help make your rental business operational activities effective in the field and in administration. Of course, with accurate data as a benchmark recorded in the EasyGo GPS system itself.

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Apparently, Vaccines Need a Different Treatment Distribution! How does EasyGo handle it?

As a GPS Solution Expert, EasyGo GPS certainly has a stake in various operational activities of various industries. Recently, one of the industries that is being highlighted is the cold chain industry because of its role in distributing vaccines throughout Indonesia. In collaboration with Biofarma, EasyGo GPS provides support in the form of installing a GPS Tracker with Transportation Management System Solutions for its distribution fleets.

Through an EasyGo interview with Mr. Soleh Ayubi, Ph.D who is the Chief of Transportation & Digital Officer at Bio Farma, he stated that in fact, each vaccine available in Indonesia has a different character. Therefore, the delivery treatment of each vaccine must be regulated according to predetermined rules so that the quality of the vaccine is maintained.

To overcome this, EasyGo with Transportation Management System Solutions provides a Temperature Sensor feature that can detect the temperature in the cabin. The trick is, the user must determine the lowest and highest temperatures in the cabin. If the temperature in the cabin is too low or too high, a notification will be sent to the user’s device. With a sophisticated and accurate system, this feature will help secure vaccines during travel!

There are many other interesting insights that you can see from EasyGo’s interview with Mr. Soleh Ayubi with the theme “Knowing Vaccines and Their Sophisticated Distribution”. Watch the full video on the EasyGo TV channel! Click here to watch.


It’s Time to Try EasyGo GPS Service for Free and Get the Benefits!

As a GPS Tracker provider that has been proven to be trusted by hundreds of companies from medium to high scale, the benefits of EasyGo GPS as a GPS Solution Tracker are unquestionable. For more than 15 years of operation, we have always tried to create the best innovations and services to satisfy EasyGo Friends. One of the services we offer is a FREE TRIAL or FREE TRIAL for the first users of EasyGo GPS service!

By registering your company through our Customer Service, you can enjoy the benefits of EasyGo GPS features for FREE according to the specified time. Some of the advantages that you can feel by installing EasyGo GPS are:

  1. User friendly mobile application
  2. Transportation Management System solution based on Internet of Things (IoT)
  3. IT Support & Customer Service 24 Hours
  4. Have a private GPS server
  5. Legal GPS Tracker that is in accordance with the law, namely the DIRJEN HUBDAR Regulation No. KP.2081/AJ.801/DRJD/2019

There are many other features of EasyGo GPS that can give you more benefits to help your company’s operational activities! All of these features are supported by an Integrated API system and Transportation Management System Solution, which is easy to use for all groups.


EasyGo GPS Already API Integrated? What does it mean?

Internet of things (IoT) technology paved the way for many developments in the world of Technology & Information. One of the results is the existence of an integrated API system. Although it sounds foreign, the implementation of the Integrated API system is widely used by many applications! This system can be found on social media, online motorcycle taxi applications, and of course, GPS Tracker. Let’s get acquainted with the Integrated API system!

API stands for Application Programming Interface. This system functions as an intermediary or bridge that connects one application to another. It is this system that makes EasyGo’s features can be varied and makes these features run efficiently. Some examples of features that work because there is an integrated API system are Multi Platform Monitoring, Sharing Live Location, and Real Time Monitoring.

This Integrated API system is also what makes EasyGo GPS able to work with many large companies in Indonesia. Some examples are:

  1. Biofarma
  2. Unilever
  3. DHL
  4. Semen Indonesia
  5. Indocement

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Waste of Gasoline Money? Use the Estimated Fuel Consumption Feature!

One of the biggest expenses for businesses running multiple fleets is on fuel costs. Long distances and unexpected traffic jams are one of the many factors that cause it. In order for the company not to lose, data on expenditures to buy gasoline must be compiled in the form of a report.

As a GPS Solution Expert, EasyGo GPS comes with features that can help companies digitize the report. In addition to having a complete and accurate report feature, EasyGo also has an Estimated Fuel Consumption feature which has a special function to calculate the estimated gasoline expenditure for each fleet.

With the Estimated Fuel Consumption feature, not only helps in data collection, EasyGo GPS can also prevent fraud from parties who are not responsible for the fleet’s gas money. Plus other features such as Geofence, Delivery Order, and Driver Behavior, this feature will maximize monitoring of the fleet, fuel, and also the driver!

EasyGo GPS has advanced features with internet of things (IoT) based technology that has been integrated with Government servers.


Digitizing Logistics Services More Sophisticated with EasyGo GPS

Approaching 2022, more and more companies are starting to implement digitization in their operations. An example is PT Global Jet Express (J&T Express) which provides online pick-up services using an application. As one of the largest logistics companies in Indonesia, J&T Express intends to make it easier for customers by providing services where their couriers will come to pick up packages at locations determined by consumers. The features provided by J&T Express are a form of digitizing the logistics service system that can be implemented due to internet of things (IoT) technology.

In addition to J&T Express and the logistics industry, internet of things technology is also used by many other business sectors because of its benefits for digitization. To help these businesses, EasyGo comes with a Transportation Management System (TMS) Solution that is integrated into the EasyGo GPS Tracker!

EasyGo GPS and its TMS Solution provide features such as Real Time Monitoring, Electronic Proof of Delivery, Order Delivery, Driver Behavior, Driver Fatigue, Multi Platform Monitoring, and many others! All these features are run through EasyGo GPS private server which ensures maximum service for all EasyGo GPS consumers. The features in EasyGo GPS can be adapted to the needs of the related business sector, thus making EasyGo GPS a GPS Solution Expert!

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For Only IDR 5,000, You Can Monitor The Entire Fleet!

Many people are mistaken that using a GPS tracker is very expensive. In fact, using EasyGo GPS only costs Rp
5,000 per day! Of course, this cost is very much cheaper than the risk that EasyGo friends have to bear if you don’t use a GPS tracker. EasyGo friends can lose tens to hundreds of millions due to fleet loss or damage to the fleet. However, this risk can be overcome with one solution, namely EasyGo GPS.

EasyGo GPS is one of the most trusted GPS tracker companies. EasyGo GPS offers a variety of features that can help EasyGo Friends monitor the entire fleet. EasyGo friends do not need to manually monitor each fleet, because EasyGo GPS can help monitor the entire fleet. EasyGo GPS can also send the fleet’s travel history. In addition, EasyGo GPS can also see whether the time used by each fleet when stopping/parking is too long or not.

EasyGo GPS can also capture the habits of each fleet driver, so EasyGo friends can find out if the driver is driving the fleet safely. In fact, EasyGo GPS can send notifications when the fleet needs maintenance. With only IDR 5,000 and getting these features, it’s definitely worth it, right?

Therefore, don’t hesitate to start installing EasyGo GPS on each of your EasyGo fleets and make your entire EasyGo fleet safe! For more information, visit the EasyGo GPS website now!


Goods Distribution During Year-End Holidays Stay Safe With EasyGo GPS Application

The end of the year holiday is just around the corner, EasyGo friends, do you have any plans to fill the next year’s holiday? Or EasyGo Buddies still have an obligation to monitor the delivery of goods? Do not worry! EasyGo friends can trust EasyGo GPS to help EasyGo friends ensure safe distribution of goods even during the year-end holidays. This is because EasyGo GPS has various reliable features, such as:

  1. Real Time Monitoring
    Features that make it easy for EasyGo friends to know the position, speed, direction, and route of vehicles transporting goods in real time.
  2. Multi-Platform Monitoring
    EasyGps can be accessed through various platforms such as PC, Mobile, and Telegram browsers. It also has notification and information sharing features.
  3. Delivery Order
    Delivery order is a feature to monitor vehicles that have been assigned with a shipment number.
  4. History Playback
    EasyGo friends can view and analyze the position and route traversed by the vehicle by displaying it in the form of a Map.
  5. Route Planner
    With this feature, EasyGo friends can make the fastest shipping plans based on distance calculations.

There are many more EasyGo GPS features that can help EasyGo friends ensure the distribution of goods remains safe even in the middle of the year-end holidays. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy year-end holidays without any burden, leave tracking and monitoring to EasyGo GPS!


Looking for an Easy to Operate GPS Tracker Provider? Just EasyGo GPS!

The development of information technology every year will not stop. Including internet of things (IoT) technology which is applied to GPS Tracker systems such as EasyGo GPS. IoT technology allows users to access data from various platforms or devices as long as they are connected to the internet network. The GPS Tracker function with IoT aims to make work easier. However, not a few people still fail to use this technology for fear of not understanding how to operate it.

Responding to public concerns about this, EasyGo GPS as a GPS Solution Expert presents a new innovation: iGO Tracker. iGO Tracker is a GPS Tracker from EasyGo which was created with the aim of reaching customers who are still new to GPS Tracker technology. With sophisticated technology and an uncomplicated User Interface, iGO Tracker is easy to operate for everyone!

iGO Tracker is equipped with EasyGo GPS mainstay features such as:

  1. Real Time Monitoring
  2. Share Live Tracking
  3. Driver Fatigue
  4. Driver Behavior
  5. Multi-Platform Monitoring

Not only for cars, iGO Tracker can also be installed for motorbikes. For more information, visit our website at www.igotracker.co.id! There are bundle packages that you can order for a more economical price. Let’s install it now!


Calculate Machine Working Hours Accurately Using EasyGo

The usefulness and benefits of GPS Tracker in various business sectors cannot be doubted. With various features in it, GPS Tracker is a must-have tool for large-scale businesses to make work easier. One of the business or industrial sectors that benefit from the presence of a GPS Tracker is the heavy equipment industry such as cement or mining.

In the cement or mining business, the presence of heavy equipment cannot be eliminated. Starting from tools such as cranes, dozers, excavators, and other heavy equipment, each has a very important role in the ongoing work in the field. Especially in this era of development, heavy equipment is very much needed. Because of this, heavy equipment rental companies must also be able to meet their needs.

As a heavy equipment rental company, it is important to install a GPS Tracker because its features not only make work easier and are profitable for customers. Other features can also guarantee customer honesty, such as real time monitoring that can monitor heavy equipment working hours accurately. With accurate calculations, your heavy equipment rental business will be kept away from losses caused by irresponsible manipulative elements!

You can get this GPS Tracker feature in EasyGo GPS. With internet of things (IoT) technology equipped with a Transportation Management System (TMS), EasyGo GPS can also provide more benefits through its advanced features. There is a FREE TRIAL for new users!